Responsibility to us is everyone making a conscious effort where they can. No matter what the contribution.

From the consumer we believe in a considered wardrobe and timeless choices - all of our brands stand the test of time and make considered choices regarding sustainability-based on their own unique brand values.

At Saint Row, our packaging is 100% compostable. We even run an electric mini.

We are committed to working with these brands that are taking the same steps as Saint Row to lessen their environmental impact. Here are just some of the ways our amazing brands are creating their innovative products and making environmental and sustainably conscious decisions.


Ethical Production

Ethical production is one of the biggest foundations of Von-Röutte. Making sure the entire production process follows the European Labor Standard was the first thing we took into consideration when choosing our manufacturer.

Conscious Shopping

Future thinking also means having a better understanding of what you are about to purchase. Impulsive shopping makes people produce more waste and that’s why we encourage conscious shopping: learn more & feel good about the product you want to purchase.

We Take Care

Taking care of your shoes is taking care of the environment. This is our way of thinking about the future. Our products are designed to last and by giving one complimentary cleaning service to our sneakers we make sure your shoes will be with you for the long run.

Made to last

To make sure we don’t produce unnecessary waste, we design and produce our shoes thinking how long they will last. It’s important for us that after years, your product is still a loving item.



Fibres & Fabrics

Elka Collective, carefully select all of our fibres and fabrics for specifically for each piece. We always make a conscious effort to use natural fibres as much as possible, as they are typically nicer to wear, and better for our environment. We are always seeking out environmentally friendly fabrics, and we endeavour to start using recycled fabrics in the near future.


Aside from being naturally breathable and durable, Linen is also an eco-friendly and fully bio degradable fabric. Linen is a cellulose fibre, made from Flax plants. Flax plants require very little water, fertilizers or pesticides in comparison with other cellulose fibre plants. All of our Linen jersey pieces are made from 100% premium French Linen.


Where possible, our leather products are made from premium free-range New Zealand Leather. Look for the New Zealand Leather disclaimer on our leather pieces. Leather is an incredibly durable textile and if cared for correctly, can last a lifetime.


Softer and lighter than Wool, Alpaca is naturally insulating and comes in over 20 natural colours (often saving the need for the fleece to be dyed). Alpaca’s also leave a very light environmental footprint compared to other their other woollen counterparts. Alpaca fleece is completely renewable and bio degradable.


Typically produced by Bombyx Mori worms, who feed exclusively on Mulberry leaves (which use minimal pesticides and fertilizers to grow). Silk is a lustrous and durable fibre that has been used for centuries. As Silk is naturally occurring it is biodegradable and has a very low environmental impact.


A man-made fabric from cellulose fibres, typically Eucalyptus, Burch or Oak trees (which require minimal pesticides and fertilizers). The pulp from the trees are dissolved down in a closed loop production, meaning that the chemical solution is not released back into the environment, it is recycled and reused in the fabric manufacturing. The turnaround from tree to fibre is extremely fast, meaning less water and energy is used per yield. The end result being a smooth, versatile and naturally wrinkle resistant biodegradable fabric.


Wool is a naturally occurring, biodegradable and very versatile fibre. Wool is particularly hardy, giving garments a long lifespan. Wool fleece is naturally fire, wrinkle, stain and UV resistant. The thermal insulation properties of wool mean that it is insulating in cooler climates and breathable in hotter temperatures.

Pima Cotton

Made from extra-long cotton fibres, Pima Cotton is a luxuriously soft natural fabric. These extra-long fibres mean less fibre ends are exposed during fabric weaving process, this produces a smoother, silkier fabric. The end result is a natural fabric that is incredibly strong, while being wrinkle, fade and pill resistant.


In order for many natural fibres to achieve the desired end fabric, we use a wide variety of Cupro, Polyester, Viscose, Cotton and Nylon blends. When blending fibres, the properties from said fibres are then merged, meaning we can create the perfect blend depending on the need of the finished fabric. whether this be lustre, durability, ease of washing, colour absorbency or wrinkle resistance.



Though quickly acknowledged as one of Western Australia’s rising labels, One Fell Swoop’s designers understood that with kudos, comes pitfalls. Longevity was the end game, so they decided to implement a strategic plan focused on sustainable and organic growth. This strategy yielded the designers the chance to explore and refine their design aesthetic.

During these formative years, Nina and Dan mastered their chosen mediums of tailoring and drapery. They forged signature techniques including the age-old art form of manipulating a singular piece of cloth, resulting in the creation of an interminable garment. Their minimalist silhouettes are designed to complement both the female form and the environment in which they are worn.

They work predominately with natural fibres including European silk and Australian merino wool and are renowned for their use of crepe de Chine. Their designs are heavily inspired by nature, in particular, the concepts of minimalism, amplified fluidity and molecular structure.




Friend of Audrey was created in response to the negative impacts of mass consumption and realised there was a gap in the market – somewhere in between fast fashion and designer wear. As a believer of slow fashion, Friend of Audrey focuses on producing beautiful, quality pieces with integrity. Our curated collections are designed by a small team in Sydney, Australia. Being mindful of affordability, our products are reasonably priced alongside designer counterparts.


Ethical fashion is one of the important considerations at Friend of Audrey.

Our clothes are made by small factories, in small production lines around Shanghai, China. We do not mass produce. We are committed to quality. We visit our factories every year to ensure working conditions are safe and satisfactory. We are selective with the manufacturing partners which we choose; to ensure workers are paid a fair wage, with sick and annual leave entitlements.

We consciously order just the right quantity for our customers, to ensure that there is no waste. By purchasing our products, you can have a piece of mind that you are supporting these values.


We are making efforts to ensure we are reducing our environmental footprint. Our designers and production team are working on steering away from synthetic materials and incorporating more natural fibres such as Linen and Cotton into our range.


As a part of our commitment to reducing waste, we are doing our part by eliminating plastic satchels and replacing them with compostable satchels - great alternative that won't cost the environment.

Giving back

We want to give back.

To ensure nothing goes to waste, if we have overproduced something, we will donate to charities to aid the less fortunate. We have made donations to local charities such as Worn for Good, Dress for Success, The Smith Family and St Vicent de Paul to aid local Australians and empower women in need.

Local Manufacturing

Local manufacturing has always been on our list. Our team is working on sourcing local manufacturers, cutters and fabric suppliers to bring more work back home.



What is 18K Gold Vermeil Jewellery & why do Porter use it?

Please note, gold vemeil jewellery is not solid gold.

All our jewellery is genuine 18k gold vermeil which indicates a thick layer of solid gold (23-30 microns) pressure bonded and intertwined over either 925 sterling silver or a stainless steel base

Not to be confused with regular "gold plated" jewellery, Gold Vermeil jewellery is designed to last several times longer than regular plated or filled jewellery.

Gold vermeil will have more longevity than plated jewellery, however like all metals, is still fragile and requires care to maintain its beauty.

Can be worn in the shower however unless an item is solid gold, wear in the ocean should be avoided as the salt water can be extremely harsh on gold vermeil jewellery. It can also cause the gold to loose it's shine and fade.

All our jewellery is nickle free. Will never go green, tarnish or rust



 made to last, ethically sourced, natural fibers, locally made